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Images of China:

A collection of Iconic images and mundane day to day.

An open ended journey that called to look and look again.

Disorientation and orientation.

The familiar and un familiar, language, cultural boundaries.

Images work on many layers as does China.

Imagery can some times bypass thought and connect the eye to the heart and deeper universal understanding.

That which is not me is so much like me.

A time of growth and expanded awareness, this works too, it can be done this way also, this is acceptable.

Best feed back, expats in viewing say yes just as I remember, brings back fond memories and sadness at being separated this is what it is.

Snap shot aesthetic which is a snap, snip, moment of life to be remembered and perhaps cherished.

What caught my eye, the old and the new expanded over my time there. It was a learning for me as well as I edited the exposures I made.

Witness… one who knows from experience.

The photos verse the thought of China and the lie.

It is a developing country with energy, movement, flux, confusion, safety, promise, pride, tradition with a long history and many people.

Open, accepting, opportunistic, friendly, curious, innocent, jaded, petty, proud, humble, caring, bickering, adaptive,


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